Surprise! I’m in VOGUE Italia



Last month, I collaborated with a friend of mine to do a Look Book shoot before my summer break. We wanted to do something more editorial with a quirky flair.

I have worked with Nasrah Omar previously for my  Senior Thesis collection back in my college days at F.I.T. We managed to stay in contact and make time to do shoots back in January featured at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Secret Garden By Nasrah Omar

Nasrah was kind enough to submit one of the photos to VOGUE Italia and they selected this photo below to be featured in their photo archives.

It’s No Big Deal, I’m Far From Famous, But This Is A Nice Addition To My Portfolio.

I want to say Thank You To Nasrah for the beautiful photos.

I will always make time to make art with such a cool friend.

Photographer: Nasrah Omar

Instagram @Nasrahomarphoto



#nasrahomar #nasrahomarphoto #kikaz #kikazakrzewski #vogueitalia #brooklyn #nycphotographer

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