Surprise! I’m in VOGUE Italia



Last month, I collaborated with a friend of mine to do a Look Book shoot before my summer break. We wanted to do something more editorial with a quirky flair.

I have worked with Nasrah Omar previously for my  Senior Thesis collection back in my college days at F.I.T. We managed to stay in contact and make time to do shoots back in January featured at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Secret Garden By Nasrah Omar

Nasrah was kind enough to submit one of the photos to VOGUE Italia and they selected this photo below to be featured in their photo archives.

It’s No Big Deal, I’m Far From Famous, But This Is A Nice Addition To My Portfolio.

I want to say Thank You To Nasrah for the beautiful photos.

I will always make time to make art with such a cool friend.

Photographer: Nasrah Omar

Instagram @Nasrahomarphoto



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Afternoon in Industry City


Photography: Peter Piscitello




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Secret Garden By Nasrah Omar


Photos by Nasrah Omar

Location: Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Model: Kika Zakrzewski

Clothing by: MISSGUIDED & Dolls Kill


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Purple Smoke & Red Satin Sheets By Randy Contello

RCP_0039 smallRCP_0135RCP_0140RCP_0156RCP_0251RCP_0301


Photographer: Randy Contello

Model: Kika Zakrzewski

Chainmail, Neon Lights & A Gun…Just A Regular Tuesday For A Model

Photographer: Wizard Fotography

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Life’s A Beach

Summer used to be my least favorite season.

I never had the confidence to wear a bikini because I was so insecure of my body and didn’t feel comfortable showing my legs, stomach, arms or chest.

Even after losing weight, I examine all of my flaws on a daily basis. I have loose skin, my stomach is still not as toned like how I would want it to be. I’m not as curvy, but I still have some shape. I have come to the realization that it doesn’t matter. All of these superficial insecurities can become part of a vicious cycle. I need to be proud of where I am now. At some point, I’ll feel better about myself, but I never want to make myself feel worthless because I don’t look a certain way right now.

Once you let go of your insecurity, for a moment you see yourself as who you want to be.

Sexy. Unbothered. Fearless.

I decided to do a Beach Photoshoot with a photographer I met on Model Mayhem named Rob Champion.

We had a great time shooting along the shores in Coney Island and walking around Luna Park to shoot the beautiful sunset, neon lights and scenery of the amusement park.

Thank you for capturing my Sports Illustrated Fantasy, Robert.

 Jun 14, 2018

Check out the images below and give Rob Champion a follow.


Bathing Suit: Dolls Kill

(Bathing Suit)


Shoot At The Kew Motor Inn


I met with Xinxin around June to collaborate for photoshoot at the fabulously kitsch Kew Motor Inn. Little did I know, this would be a known as one of the most cathartic shoots I have done.

We used the setting to our advantage to capture some really dreamy and dark images.

In the beginning of the shoot, you see me dressed in shiny metallic ensembles to emulate the aftermath of a long night. Still somewhat glamourous, the night is still young, who knows what can happen after 2:00am on a Thursday night.

The theme of the shoot changed when I was asked to bring more emotion to the scene and do less fashion poses. That’s when things changed.

Xinxin played soundtrack to Twin Peaks to set the scene. I listened to it and began to feel lethargic and uneasy. Its funny how music, despite the genre, can automatically bring out an emotion that you’re not always familiar with. I was caught the moment of feeling extremely depressed and lonely. In that moment, I realized that Modeling could be associated with Acting as well.

I pulled a lot of inspiration from a vulnerable period in my life and its haunting to go back to that dark place again. It is refreshing to know that you can get away from a chaotic experience in your life through affirmation and self -love. However a traumatic moment can resurface in your memory and make you feel imprisoned with the dark past you tried to hard to leave behind.


Photography By Xinxin Zhang