Life’s A Beach

Summer used to be my least favorite season.

I never had the confidence to wear a bikini because I was so insecure of my body and didn’t feel comfortable showing my legs, stomach, arms or chest.

Even after losing weight, I examine all of my flaws on a daily basis. I have loose skin, my stomach is still not as toned like how I would want it to be. I’m not as curvy, but I still have some shape. I have come to the realization that it doesn’t matter. All of these superficial insecurities can become part of a vicious cycle. I need to be proud of where I am now. At some point, I’ll feel better about myself, but I never want to make myself feel worthless because I don’t look a certain way right now.

Once you let go of your insecurity, for a moment you see yourself as who you want to be.

Sexy. Unbothered. Fearless.

I decided to do a Beach Photoshoot with a photographer I met on Model Mayhem named Rob Champion.

We had a great time shooting along the shores in Coney Island and walking around Luna Park to shoot the beautiful sunset, neon lights and scenery of the amusement park.

Thank you for capturing my Sports Illustrated Fantasy, Robert.

 Jun 14, 2018

Check out the images below and give Rob Champion a follow.


Bathing Suit: Dolls Kill

(Bathing Suit)


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